Staffordshire Terrier Dog Training

Maegan the trainer was nothing but AMAZING during the whole training process. I got updates everyday and she answered all my questions. She always responded quickly and was so warm and friendly! I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for my stubborn but loving dog clover. I got her home today and she knows all the basic commands and has a confidence she has never had before! Before she was a timid shy dog and now she is the star of the show! When I was looking up different places and made any request for information they called me right away and answered all questions I had and were super friendly. This made my decision to board and train easy! This place is as good as it gets! If you need your dog trained or have nearly given up hope please go to OverWatch k9 academy!

Cassandra Mateo

Trainers Who Understand Staffordshire Terriers

View Video | 2 Year Old Staffordshire Terrier | Training Journey | Advanced Obedience | Clover

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