Mastiff Dog Training

We heard about Overwatchk9 from a friend who had a great experience with them, and, boy, did they live up to the expectation! Josh was friendly and helpful on the phone, giving us plenty of information and getting us all set up for the Advanced Obedience program. Toaster’s trainer, Jessica, really took her time to put us at ease! We spoke on the phone before pickup to set goals and expectations. Jessica did an excellent job on all aspects that mattered to us most and kept us up to date the whole time with cute videos. It’s phenomenal how much Toaster learned in a little over 2 weeks! She went from a puppy who dragged me around the neighborhood to a well behaved dog who can walk neatly beside me and pay attention. Jessica must be a wizard! She taught us so much about our pup, behavior to expect from her breed, and techniques to keep up her training. She was very patient while practicing with us and her love for our dog was clear during every step of the way. We know that Jessica will check in soon and that we can ask questions at any time. Toaster was sad to watch her leave!
Evan & Annelies Pitstick

Trainers Who Understand Mastiff Mixes

View Video | 8 Month Old Mastiff Mix | Before and After | Advanced Obedience | Toaster

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