Labrador Retriever Dog Training

Well worth the price, though not cheap on the face of it.

I certainly rate the academy, and especially the trainer, Jessica M, 5 stars for the overall value and efficacy of the training. Let me provide a summary of my experience.

In two weeks residential program Jessica not only had him perfectly trained, stopped his habit of jumping onto counters and tables to investigate smells and watch me in the kitchen, she also had him sitting, staying and walking comfortably besides me. The YouTube videos of his behavior before and after will show a transformed puppy. The key to the behavior modification was the careful and studied use of the eCollar and her understanding of dog anatomy and psychology. With long years of experience training dogs and horses, Jessica turned out to be the best choice and I feel lucky to have stumbled on her program. Her training of me and explaining how to ensure reinforcement of the learning was invaluable. Her offer of continuing support and refresher training as needed, customization for the puppy and the owners needs, is a great component. For example, knowing that we were to return to South Dakota and living on the river, Jessica had several field trips to the lakes around and practiced with Duck decoys in water.
Jessica is a very positive individual, and can transform even tough and stubborn dogs into delightful, easy to live with pets. She kept me updated about the progress daily through videos, and her system of progression of tasks and diligent reinforcement works. I now take long walks with Saathi in even crowded places and while his attention may wander briefly – still an extremely curious and intelligent oversized puppy – he is easy enough to control and refocus. I recommend Jessica and the Overwatch K-9 Academy without any reservation.

One way of making the expense palatable is to think of it as an advance payment for a lifetime of canine companionship, love and freedom from worry or risk to the owner or others. I would happily engage Jessica and the Academy to train my dogs, and I’m confident to recommend them to anyone with a demanding, difficult puppy. Peace .

Dr. Ramakrishnan (Dr Ram)

Trainers Who Understand Labrador Retrievers

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