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Dog Training The Overwatch Way

OverWatch K9 Trainers are the top dog trainers in the industry, utilizing training techniques used by military, police, movie dogs, and exotic animal training. Dogs trained by OverWatch K9 move with power and excitement in their obedience. OverWatch K9 has the best dog trainers in the industry, with a commitment to providing the highest level of communication between you and your dog. With balanced training methods rooted in Pavlov OverWatch dogs are excited to be obedient. They move in power, eager to perform obedience for you.

When you join the OverWatch K9 Family you get a team of dedicated professionals, passionately engaged in their profession. OverWatch K9’s trainers are certified and trained beyond obedience techniques, diving into the behavior and instincts of your dog. Dog training is more than obedience commands, it’s about truly being able to enjoy your dog through a high level of communication. Have your dog trained with obedience using the same techniques as police k9s and exotic animals.

OverWatch K9 Trainers use your dog’s genetics in their training, taking their drive and channeling it into their obedience training. We teach every client about dog behavior.

What is going on in your dog’s mind? Let’s talk about it!

We know you can’t love your dog anymore than you already do, but we can help you enjoy them more. Take them for an off leash hike, or cut them loose at the lake house Guaranteed results because we understand your dog is an evolving animal. We supply continued education for you and your dog as needed. Your dog is a walking billboard for us, we want to keep his obedience sharp!

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