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Your Atlanta Dog Training Team

Joey Paige Morris


Joey Morris is a world-renowned dog trainer, who has been in the animal training industry for three decades. He started his career by obtaining degrees in Biology and Animal Behavior. Coming out of college Joey became an exotic animal trainer, working with Orcas, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Wolves, and Birds of Prey, among other animals. Joey went on to become a vendor, importing and supplying K9s for Lakeland, Border Patrol, FEMA, and Police Departments. He trained Malinois, German Shepherds, Labs, Pointers, Beagles and Bloodhounds for various jobs including bomb detection, narcotic detection, apprehension, search and rescue, and executive level protection dogs. He has trained, trialed and titled dogs in the show ring, WDA, and APA. Joey and his Malinois Youkel won the APA Championship in 2016. Joey puts on seminars throughout the nation, teaching the theory of dog behavior, obedience training, tracking, detection, and protection.

Paige Morris grew up with German Shepherd and began training them at the age of eight. At the age of twelve she was charging money to train the dogs and humans in her city. Growing up in a small town in Louisiana and unsure how to enter the dog training world she joined Petco at the age of eighteen as their dog trainer. Within six months she had achieved #2 in sales for dog training out of their 1500 stores. She was moved to their New Orleans location and became the Lead Trainer in Louisiana and Mississippi, training the new dog trainer hires. Paige was then recruited by a nationally known dog training company, which she ran the New Orleans location for.

Joey and Paige met by chance, Paige wanted to continue her education as a dog trainer and had a passion for protection dogs. She drove to Tennessee to attend a Seminar on decoying, where Joey was the instructor, and the rest is history. Paige moved to Georgia to be with Joey, when they came together they wanted to bring the powerful obedience that is achieved with working dogs to the pet dog industry and OverWatch K9 Academy
was born.

Joey and Paige founded OverWatch K9 Academy in Atlanta, and have started branching into different states. Along with their trainers they are honored to be impacting the daily lives of people through their dogs. As they love to say – we can’t help you love your dog anymore than you already do, but we can absolutely help you enjoy them more. And that’s what we look forward to doing.

Maegan DeBoard

Certified® Atlanta Georgia Dog Trainer

Maegan has been in the dog industry for 10 + years. Her love of animals and taking care of them began when she started caring for the animals on her grandfathers farm as a child. This inspired a career in veterinary medicine that lead her to being a veterinary technician for 8 years, 4 of those years spent managing a clinic. She has attended many veterinary conferences that focus on the mental and physical well-being of animals. She has worked and volunteered with many rescue groups and shelters over the last 15 years. Maegan has a family of rescue animals that consist of 5 senior dogs, 2 hermit crabs and a rabbit.

Veronika Scheff

Certified® Atlanta Georgia Dog Trainer

Veronika was born in Russia and fell in love with dogs at the young age of 5, when her grandmother harnessed their family German Shepherd to a sleigh. Unfortunately by the time she turned 8 her family fell apart and she ended up in an orphanage. In March of 2005 she got adopted by a kind American family and was brought to live with them in Georgia. Veronika’s entire world changed but her love for animals, especially dogs, only grew with time. As a teenager Veronika asked for a dog and received a Border Collie mix named Barney, who she thought of as her best friend. She taught him basic commands which she learned from watching dog training shows on tv. She also signed up for agility classes to continue to learn. In 2015 Veronika got her first job at Pikes Nursery where she worked hard and advanced into managing her own department. She felt something was missing, so in 2017 she signed up at Taking the Lead K9 Training for a K9 Trainer Course. with her lab mix named Chaska. A year later, she acquired a Belgian malinois named Zaika who she took to ADZ K9 for protection training sessions. Almost two years later she fell in love with another Belgian malinois puppy that led her to OverWatch K9, where she plans to continue to grow as a dog trainer.

Amanda Reid

Certified® Atlanta Georgia Dog Trainer

Amanda has had a passion for animals for as long as she could remember starting with a poodle mix, Misty, that her dad rescued off the side of the highway. Since then she has rescued several animals in her adult life including a bonded pair of ferrets, a bearded dragon named Peaches, and her heart-dog, Sugar. Her journey with OverWatch K9 Academy began when her Pitbull, Sugar, completed the Advanced Board and Train program and opened the door for Amanda to communicate and connect with Sugar on a much deeper level. Amanda has also spent the last 16 years working in customer service where she found a joy in working with people, building lasting relationships with her clients. Presented with an opportunity to bring her love of dogs and love for people together through training, Amanda left her career and joined the OverWatch K9 Academy family to change lives through opening the lines of communication between owners and their dogs.

Natalie Meeks

Certified® Atlanta Georgia Dog Trainer

Natalie grew up surrounded by and loving dogs. In highschool she was a Chapter Leader for the FFA program, where she did animal showings for 4 years. At 18 she joined the staff at PetSuperMarket, and quickly became a Lead Associate. Over the years Natalie gained invaluable knowledge on several species of animals, all the while loving the wagging tails that frequented the store. From there Natalie moved to North Carolina, where she became a Travel and Flight Nanny. She was responsible for caring for and delivering puppies to their new families all throughout the US. She also set the new owners up for success with their new puppies throughout their adjustment period. Ultimately Natalie wanted to move home and be closer to family, which is how she joined the OverWatch K9 Family. Natalie owns an 11 year old Golden Retriever named Marley, a 10 month old French Bulldog named Tate, and 4 Pigeons (Ash, Willow, Fig, and Olive.)

Sierra Smalley

Certified® Atlanta Georgia Dog Trainer

Sierra has had a passion for helping people and a love for animals her whole life. That passion drove her to becoming an EMT and EMT instructor, providing emergency response services on the ambulance while simultaneously teaching EMT classes. After 5 years in the medical industry she decided to shift her career to impacting people through strengthening their relationship and communication with their dogs. Sierra grew up with several breeds, ranging from German Shepherds to Chihuahua’s, giving her a love for all sizes and breeds. She currently owns a Frenchie named Kirby, and loves getting to brighten people’s lives through her work at OverWatch K9.

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