Bernadoodle Dog Training

We want to say thank to Veronika for the wonderful training job with our dog, Osya!
Osya is a wonderful puppy, but we were struggling with number of issues. After Veronika training, I can go outside with him with no worries . He used to get too excited seeing other people or animals. Now he listens and follows my lead. I can enjoy the walk too. He became much more manageable at home as well. Finally, he likes his crate. We struggled with that for months, but Veronika fixed that problem over 2 weeks.
Veronika gave us great foundation that we continue working on every day.
What I also really liked that we had a video and report on the progress every day. We saw the video every day, we saw how much our puppy likes Veronika . He looked well and performed well, so we stopped worrying.
Thank you , Veronika. Great job.
Tatyana Sklyarevskaya

Trainers Who Understand Bernadoodles

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