Golden Retriever Dog Training

Kirstin trained our 8 year old Golden Retrievers and the transformation was beyond anything we expected. We had never mastered leash training and now enjoy daily walks. They were SO skittish in the car we never wanted to go anywhere with them and so, we did a poor job socializing them. Now we take them everywhere and have no apprehension about new experiences or encountering other dogs. I wish we would have worked with Overwatch K9 years ago. One last thing, the dogs LOVED Kirstin. She sent us videos every night and it was amazing how well they adapted to being with her. They were always happy. They still have their same personalities but now I think they are enjoying life even more!
Martha Tanedo

Trainers Who Understand Golden Retrievers

View Video | 8 Year Old Golden Retrievers | Training Journey | Advanced Obedience Program | Zeke & Bosa

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