Mini Aussiedoodle Dog Training

We found ourselves with a family members 18 mo old Aussie Doodle who we definitely loved and is loved by the entire family. However, “Hopper” was out of control and we were to leave on vacation and knew it would be miserable for he and us. He would not respond to our calls to come, he blasted out an open door, barked and was aggressive with strangers and terrorized our eight year old dog when they went out to take care of business. To say the least we knew we had to get him under control. I googled and came across OverWatch K9 Academy. I was surprised they could accommodate our urgent need with only a two week notice but we were blessed Jessica was available. Jessica picked Hopper up at our Condo in Atlanta and upon entering was met with our aggressive “Hopper” and tried to bite her (actually he slightly broke the skin). She remained unshaken and upon leaving with “Hopper” in tow we had our doubts. We stayed in contact via text and received videos of his progress and we could not believe he was so behaved. Today Jessica drove to our home in South Carolina to bring him home. She spent over an hour with us going over what words he responds to, the e-collar and answered any questions we had before bringing him in. The homecoming was wonderful and he was so excited to see us. Afterwards we went outside to work with him. He is a totally different boy from the bad boy she left with two weeks ago. He no longer terrorizes “Michael”, our older dog, he sits at the door with escaping, answers our commands and best of all is still the loveable pup we had but now a joy to be around. The expense was not in our budget but we would definitely do it again. We have already recommended Jessica to a couple of people and could not be more pleased with the outcome. Jessica understands dogs, builds a relationship and brings home the dog you hoped he could be. Jessica was a Godsend!

Wanda MCart

Trainers Who Understand Aussiedoodles

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