Sheperd Lab Mix Dog Training

Our 1 year old dog, Munson, is very high energy. Before working with Veronika, we had to gate off most of the house from Munson when our two toddlers were playing. It was difficult to allow him around the boys because he’d knock them over or get in their face.

Since his board & train with Veronika, our lives are completely different. Munson is gentle around the boys and obeys commands to “leave it” when he’s getting too hyper. He even listens to the 2 year old when given the “down” command. It’s been such a relief to be able to let everyone interact freely and see the boys bonding with Munson.

At the end of the board and train period, Veronika spent an afternoon with us going through all the commands and working with Munson. We continue to work with Munson as she instructed to ensure he retains the commands and improved behavior.

We’ve had a great experience working with Veronika and the Overwatch team. I highly recommend the service to anyone who needs help laying the foundation for a training routine.

Angela Leaf

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